Quick checklist for setting up a remote working model

More and more people are adopting a new way of working and being categorised as remote workers, whether self-employed or employed for organisations on a full-time or part-time basis. Though some people think that you can never be productive working remotely or from home, the opposite might actually be true.

In a recent survey carried out by FlexJobs only a quarter of employees reported getting their best work done at the office during business hours, and 50% saying that home was better suited for productivity, with the remainder siting coffee shops, libraries and other public service spaces as being best for flexible working.  

For some the office is full of interruptions, from co-workers and office politics to distracting atmospheres or uncomfortable workspaces. Simply the stress of commuting can even play a role in hindering productivity and making employees think differently about working in the office. 

If this sounds familiar, then surely an alternative model of working is worth trying in the new year?

With the right flexible working model and essentials in place you should see a difference in morale and an increase in productivity for the business but mostly create a better work/life balance all round. If you are considering stepping out of the typical 9 to 5 culture in 2019 then here is a list of useful tools to consider before you get started.

The 5 key essentials for flexible working:
  1. Laptop & phone
  2. Desk space, lamp, a good chair, headset, mouse and keyboard
  3. Reliable and fast Internet access, at home and on the road
  4. VPN (Virtual Private Network) remote access to corporate resources if needed.
  5. Dispace Membership, so that you can have access to your local flexible co working spaces to work from and with great concessions at all our venues on food and drinks you can avoid the cabin fever and meet other professionals that work remotely too.

In addition to the Dispace platform here is a list of software suggestions that can also help facilitate flexible working and remote team collaborations:  

  • Evernote - Great for creating and tracking to do lists online.
  • Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Dispace Chat – perfect for those virtual meetings.
  • Slack –Saves cluttering up your email and you can collaborate with a remote team.
  • Trello Ideal for team organisation and project planning.
  • iDoneThis - Great for tracking productivity of individuals and the team as a whole. Achievements can be documented each day and then recaps are emailed every day.
  • Neat Receipts -Scans receipts or any important documents on the go (Reduces the need for paper storage).
  • Time Click - Great one for businesses as employees can clock in and out from computers across your network while you manage their time and run reports from a secure admin area.
  • 1Password – Making accessibility, well, accessible! All necessary passwords are available to everyone who needs them.

Every business or service provider will have different requirements to monitor and manage productivity and at Dispace we have a growing network of professional members that will be able to support and advise you on best practices. Join up today and get ready to start your flexible working in 2019.

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