The Dispace platform

We started Dispace because we believe in the opportunity technology provides for people to work where they want, how they want and on what they want.

And because we also believe that whilst digital empowerment creates a wealth of new opportunities, we’ll always need people and places to help us fulfil our objectives for our professional life.

Our platform reflects our own vision for flexible working, with the support of a community of people and access to inspiring, unique co-working space near you.

We’re here to give you everything you need to lead the professional life you want to, but to also provide our partner venues with a corresponding means to provide for a new, growing group of customers who want facilities and services, ensuring we keep our amazing UK bars and restaurants healthy and thriving throughout the week.

We believe that there is a perfect match of needs, and with our community events, resources and partnerships thrown in, everyone benefits.


Dispace is for...

Built for you and us

Our team care passionately about creating an accessible way for anyone to get the thing they need to achieve their working goals: flexible, low cost workspace with undisputable value.

We also care about adapting to the world we live so that we use the physical resources we have to provide different ways of filling great spaces that match those changing needs.

We also know first-hand how impossible it can be to work effectively when you’re on the move.

Dispace is for you. But it’s also for us. Enjoy. And keep telling us how we can be better.


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