Dispace delivers inspiring working environments that are as flexible as the modern worker, providing connectivity, community and support by rethinking existing spaces and combining them with a compelling package of benefits. All delivered through a platform that lets you build networks and provides support and resources.

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Workforces have changed: corporations have more remote workers than ever and the uptake of online communication and collaboration tools has allowed more people to follow the dream of being their own boss. Over 50% of the working population is expected to be self-employed in the next 5 years.

Dispace serves this rapidly growing community by providing a network of venues, users, experts and supporting content, accessed through an online platform via desktop, tablet or mobile.

We’re here for anyone who spends time away from permanent premises and team. Freelancers, contractors, homeworkers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, the 'on-the-road' workforce of larger organisations and businesses seeking innovative overflow space.

Dispace understands the needs of these customers by giving them on-demand facilities wherever they are located, connecting them to potential partners, suppliers and customers within their user peer group and providing access to support and guidance, via expert contributors and tailored content.

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Dispace connects the remote worker with the critical assets they need to succeed: facilities, people and resources

How do we compare to other working environment options?

  logo  Traditional office Co-working Serviced Offices PLC Coffee shop Home
Environment Inspiring, quirky, different Dull, uninspiring, clinical Stylish, Inspiring Variable, some great spaces Not conducive to productivity Variable based on circumstance, frequent distraction
Mobility High, multiple geographic locations Single site Typically single site Access to other locations Some, subject to location and footfall Low, but unconstrained
Flexibility Entirely flexible Fixed, long term Fixed, some flexibility Fixed, some flexibility None Entirely flexible
Cost Low High High High Low Very low

What do you get with the Dispace flexible co-working community?

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